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CEO, Owner

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Paul has worked in the Promotional Clothing industry for the past 11 years. First started in 2003 he work on the production floor in a busy embroidery house running multi head embroidery machines but then quickly found himself training up to be an Embroidery digitizer and operations manager for the company.

After doing the embroidery Design and operation managers role for a number of years the company got involved in the transfer printing side of the market where Paul was involved from start to finish, from purchasing the machinery to designing the print and producing the final result. Eventually Paul felt it was time to go out and start up his own Business and this is where Printz Charmin Ltd stemmed from. To be continued……



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Catherine has a vast experience in sales, marketing and business development. After working many years in the fast paced constantly changing leisure industry Catherine has a wealth of experience in Business Development and the day to day running of an organisation. With all this experience Catherine felt it was the perfect opportunity to join forces with her son Paul in the Printz Charmin business venture. To be continued……

The Printz – Sid


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Sid is a 6 year old black and tan smooth haired miniature Dachshund. He comes to work with us everyday and is seen as part of the team. Certainly a percentage of the sales can be attributed to his CHARM!!! To be continued……